Five Reasons to Use an Architect For Your Home Design

When you are building a new home, you want to have it your way, and rightly so. Everything from the floor plan layout, the home’s character and style, features, systems, materials, and décor should reflect who you are and your philosophy on life. Hiring an architect for the design and project management of the home can make the whole process go smoothly. Here are some of the skills an architect brings to a project and some of the functions he or she performs:1. Understands the Scope of the Project: A licensed architect understands the details and phases of the project and has the expertise to develop and refine the vision so you can understand the scope of the project.2. Knows State and Local Codes: The licensed architect is knowledgeable in the building codes applicable to your project and designs the structure of the home to meet these codes. They usually prepare most of the documentation necessary for you to get your building permits, saving you both time and money.3. Hires the Team: When you secure an architect’s project management services, he or she heads the team and makes sure everyone knows their job. They answer the myriad of questions from the builder and their subcontractors, and makes sure any changes do not affect the structural and architectural integrity of the design.4. Oversees the Project: The licensed architect is involved in the day-to-day construction of the project, making him or herself available for consultations, meetings, and questions from the site. Some architects will also hire the subcontractors for you and then establish and manage the construction schedule. Throughout the project, your architect is your advocate, staying true to your design and your budget.5. Can Green Up Your Project: Are you interested in building a green home? A green architect will give you numerous options for saving money and protecting your investment in the home design and material selection processes.If you’re planning on building a new home, hiring an architect is well worth your investment to ensure the end result is exactly what you wanted.

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Innovative Home Designs – Definitive Guide on Creating Innovative Home Designs on a Small Budget!

Are you looking for a completely new and unique way to decorate your home without having to buy lots of new furniture? Do you want to know more about the latest technologies that are available to you when it comes to home design? If so, you’ll definitely want to know more about the most innovative designs in interior decorating.One of the easiest rooms to incorporate innovative designs in your home is the bathroom. This is due to the fact the room is probably one of the smallest in the house, and you can do a number of small renovations that will make a big difference. For instance, simply changing the colors of the washcloths and towels can make the bathroom more inviting. And, if you’re building your home from the ground up, you can include custom floor tile designs, such as crystal or tiles with exotic colors. It may be best to get unique flooring in the bathroom since you’ll have less ground to cover. This way, you can include original accents in your home without overspending.One of the simplest ways to creatively design your living room is to add accessories that are appealing and yet not overpowering.  For instance, a wall fountain or a tabletop fountain creates a calming presence, and when it is combined with innovative lights, it can simply liven up your living room.You can also include innovative designs in the kitchen. Adding things like a spice rack with angular designs, or extra storage for your pots and pans above the stove will make your kitchen less cluttered, but will also add to the overall design scheme. You can also use custom tiles for the backsplash of the stove; granite and bright colors like electric blue or lime green will do wonders for a kitchen that is decorated in neutral colors like gray and black. You can also incorporate innovative designs with the lighting fixtures and faucets that you use in the kitchen–chrome and silver accents add a modern touch to any kitchen, and you may also want to to talk to your contractor about purchasing stainless steel appliances for your kitchen. This will add a neutral but futuristic flair to the space, and you can decorate with the accent colors that you want.If you’re looking for modern furniture pieces at affordable prices, you’ll find lots of innovative designs at IKEA. This store has furniture for every room in your home, and you’ll even get the resources you need to redecorate your entire kitchen and bathroom. The clean lines, bright patterns, and original look of each of the pieces will help any room in your home come together, and if you need to find a store near you, you can check out as well.Stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot will also be able to teach you more about innovative designs. You’ll find items like faucets and ceiling fans in the store, and you can take a detailed look at the construction before you buy. The clean lines and stainless steel features of the appliances are especially modern, and could even increase the value of your home in the future.

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